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Emissions Testing

Your Emission Testing includes:

  • Attach test equipment and determine download fault codes
  • Search databases for applicable tech service bulletins related to fault codes
  • Perform any computer updates prior to repair
  • Determine cause of fault codes including any necessary disassembly
  • Repair as needed
  • Reassemble and test
  • Road test
  • Scan computer for any new fault codes
  • Road test again and run monitors

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Emissions Testing

Emissions testing, computer, electronic and emissions related repairs and service. Cars today have way more computing power than the first Apollo rocket. A computer now controls every aspect of operation from fuel and ignition management to valve management to window and heating and ventilation system operation to air bag and brake systems. In fact if it moves or has a display, it is controlled by a computer. There are many computers around your car, but did you know that they are probably one of the most reliable parts of the car? Most problems are related to wiring, or sensors that feed information to the computer. As the old adage goes, “garbage in, garbage out”. If the computer gets the wrong or no information, it sets the dreaded check engine light. Our master mechanics are ready and able with a comprehensive set of tools and equipment to handle any electronic problem found on today’s vehicles. If your check engine light is on, schedule an emissions testing appointment today to reduce emissions and keep your car reliable and running well.

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