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The wear and tear on your clutch depends on your personal driving style and your driving environment. One of the first, and most common, signs of a failing clutch is what people refer to as slipping.

Transmission Repair
Transmission Repair

Your Transmission Repair includes:

  • Replacing or cleaning the screen or filter
  • Cleaning the pan
  • Reinstalling the pan with a new pan gasket
  • Replacing the old fluid with new
  • End-to-end maintenance and safety check

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Transmission Repair

Todays transmissions are a complex piece of equipment that resemble nothing of their ancestors. Gone are the three speed automatics that moved those Chevys, Ford and Dodge cars and trucks. These days we are seeing more gear ratios crammed into the same or less space than those of yesteryear, not to mention the complexity of introducing electronic control circuits. Not only that, but the traditional automatic transmission is being produced with up to 10 speeds as emission controls tighten. The reason being is that more speeds in the transmission let the engine operate in a narrower emissions efficient range. The other competitors in the field include the manual automatic, which is becoming more prevalent, and the CVT(constant velocity transmission) like those in go karts, snow mobiles and 4 wheelers. Most of the hybrid cars use this type.

There are still some manual transmissions being produced, but they can’t be shifted as fast as a manual automatic, some of which can effect a shift in as little as 3 milliseconds or three one-thousandths of a second! Suppose a professional could shift a manual transmission in .5 seconds. That means that it takes 2.5 seconds to shift a 5 speed manual trans through its full range. It would take a 7 speed manual automatic only .021 seconds to accomplish all of its shifts.

How Often Should I Have My Transmission Checked or Serviced?

Normally reliable, this new breed of transmission can be extremely costly when it fails. There is no longer a dipstick and checking fluid levels requires specialized knowledge and equipment. That’s why you should have your transmission inspected and serviced periodically. If transmission repairs are needed, it is usually more cost effective to replace the ailing one with a remanufactured unit. Due to the complexity of today’s transmissions, even the chain and independent transmissions shops do this now. With its access to high quality transmissions with outstanding warranties, Roberts Automotive can handle your transmission repairs as well as all of your other car repair needs.

If you are experiencing harsh or delayed shifts, grinding noises, loss of power, or looking for transmission repair near me, give our service advisor a call at 717-285-3738.

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