The Origin Of Popular Car Names

Have you ever wondered about the origin of popular car names? From evoking power and prestige to embodying speed and elegance, automotive monikers often hold fascinating stories and inspirations behind their creation. Join us on a journey as we delve…

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spring car care

Spring Car Care Checklist

Spring is in the air and now is the time to think about spring car care for your vehicle. Spring brings with it a sense of renewal and rejuvenation, making it the ideal season to pamper your car and ensure…

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pa bike laws

PA Bike Laws

Navigating the scenic landscapes of Pennsylvania on a bicycle is not only a delightful recreational activity but also a mode of transportation for many residents. To ensure a harmonious coexistence between cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians, the state has established specific…

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the proper way to clean your windshield

The Proper Way to Clean Your Windshield

As a vehicle owner, knowing the proper way to clean your windshield is essential for maintaining the cleanliness and upkeep of your car, serving not only aesthetic purposes but also ensuring your safety. A clear windshield is a pivotal element…

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whistling noise in your car

Identifying a Whistling Noise in Your car

Do you need help identifying a whistling noise in your car?  Here are some of the most common things to look for when you hear a whistling noise in your car.  Some whistling noises you'll only hear when your car…

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is now the right time to buy a car

Is Now the Right Time to Buy a Car?

Things certainly have changed since COVID and many aren't sure if now is the right time to buy a car. With low inventory, microchip shortages, and soaring interest rates over the past few years, the automotive market has been tumultuous…

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do you really need valve caps

What Do Valve Caps Do?

What Do Valve Caps Do? Have you ever looked at the valve caps on your vehicle's tires and wondered what do they really do?  Do they keep air from leaking out of your tire?  Do they protect the tire's valve,…

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cleaning your steering wheel

Proper Way to Clean Your Steering Wheel

Here is a great way to clean your steering wheel safely and effectively: 1. Cleaning Solution to clean your steering wheel The solution you use depends on the material of the wheel. Check the owner’s manual if you’re unsure of…

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Damage from hitting a pothole?

Damage from hitting a pothole can result in a few problems you may notice with your vehicle.  Here are the top 4 things to look for after you have hit a pothole: 1. Wheel or Tire Damage Check for scuff…

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When are icy roads most slippery

When are Icy Roads Most Slippery?

It may seem obvious that roads would become icy at the point of freezing temperatures, but there are other factors to consider. That brings us to the question, When are icy roads most slippery? That plus other factors that you…

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How to Choose Winter Tires

Many folks wonder how to choose winter tires for their vehicle.  Here are 2 key factors to help you make a good decision. 1 - Buy tires with at least a 4⁄32-inch depth and replace them when their tread has worn…

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cruise control

Times When You Should Not Use Cruise Control.

Cruise control can be a very convenient feature to have on your automobile, but there are times when you should not use cruise control. Here are some guidelines for using cruise control effectively and safely. These tips apply, no matter…

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check your tires monthly

Check Your Tires Monthly

It is very important to check your tires monthly to ensure the safety of your vehicle for those in it and others on the road.  Here is a list of things to keep in mind during your monthly check. 1.…

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Sounds That Mean Car Problems

Have you ever wondered what that noise was coming from your car? In most cases it shouldn't be ignored because if left unchecked could lead to bigger more expensive problems with your vehicle. Here is a list of Sounds That…

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Warning Signs of a Dying Battery

Dying Battery? Don’t get stuck with a dying battery that is ready to be a dead battery anytime soon! Know the signs and get your’s checked! Here are some warning signs your battery could be on it's way out: 1…

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5 Common Car Air Conditioner Problems

Is your vehicle's air conditioner just not cutting it?  Many times you have no cold air or air that is slightly cool, but not cool enough to make a difference.  Here is a list of the 5 common car air…

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What Does a Radiator Flush Do?

Why should you perform a radiator flush on your vehicle?  Radiator fluid, better known as coolant or antifreeze, keeps your engine cool. Car engines run hot, especially in warm weather, and without something to dissipate the excessive heat generated by the…

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5 Most Ignored Problems That Can Cost You Big

Never Changing the Oil - The dirty oil in your engine can eventually lead to complete engine replacement ($5-8,000 or more). Generally, you’ll want to change the oil annually or by the mileage the manufacturer specifies whichever comes first.  See…

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Should you fill your gas tank to the top?

Gas prices are pretty high right now, but is squeezing a few more drops into the tank worth it? NO! Here are the reasons you do not want to fill your gas tank to the top: 1. It can damage expensive…

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Tips For Driving at Night

1. Don’t be afraid of your high beams. Most drivers underutilize their high beams. Because high beams usually throw light much farther down the road than low beams do, they give you more time to react to hazards. 2. Adjust…

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Hazard Lights – When and Why to Use Them

Lots of drivers are unsure of when and why to use their hazard lights. Is it legal or illegal to drive with your hazards on? Why? Hazard lights are used to alert other drivers of an approaching hazard, using them…

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7 Vehicle Safety Features to Give You Peace of Mind

Having a vehicle with top-notch safety features can go miles toward keeping you and your passengers safe, especially when driving in inclement conditions. What should you look for in a car or truck? Let’s take a look... All-Wheel or Four-Wheel Drive…

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Oil Price Illusion

Every vehicle needs a regular oil change, and that means the price of oil is always a factor to consider in order to control your vehicle's operating cost. One of the best ways to do that is to use oil…

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vehicle maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

In order for any machine to work well and be reliable, it needs regular vehicle maintenance. This is why companies are such sticklers about maintaining their equipment and machinery. A machine that breaks down and stops production costs them big…

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car service

Car Service and How to Save Money

There is a an easy way to save money on car service specials and here it is – pick a shop you trust and do all of your business there. Why not shop around? There are a number of reasons…

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the harmful effects of ethanol

Harmful Effects of Ethanol

The harmful effects of ethanol have been known and continue to grow. As the government continues to meddle in the free market of ethanol, unintended consequences pop up all over the place. Now we have the EPA, after much lobbying…

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how often should i change my oil

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

How Often Should I Change My Oil is a question that doesn't have a one answer fits all solution. But there really is no mystery to this most common of maintenance services. We know we need a periodic oil change, but…

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flat tire

Flat Tire – Avoiding Potholes

Potholes. Sooner or later everybody hits one of these things. Trying to save getting a flat tire is a big deal for most car drivers. In the majority of cases even a deep pothole can be a non event. The…

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car leaking

Car Leaking Issues and What To Do

Is your car leaking? Should you fix that minor oil seepage coming from the valve cover? If you spend a lot of time on the road, yes. If you use the car locally, maybe you can live with it. I…

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scheduled maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance or Oversold Hype?

Sometimes spending money on scheduled maintenance or preventative maintenance can really help. How does changing the fluids in a car really help? Well, it helps, but you have to consider your plan for how long you will keep those wheels…

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engine noise

Engine Noise

Believe it or not engine noise problems are some of the most difficult problems to cure. It starts with the customer’s vague description of the situation which results in a lot of time being spent by the technician who sometimes…

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timing belt

The Timing Belt and When To Replace Them

A couple of months ago we recommended a timing belt to one of our customers based on the age of the belt. We usually do this routine when someone has a scheduled appointment. It hadn’t reached the end of its…

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parking brake

Electronic Parking Brake Use and Disuse

If you own a vehicle with an electronic parking brakes, make sure you actuate it from time to time. Otherwise, you may be in for an expensive surprise when it comes time to replace the rear brake pads. A $200…

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Drivers and Aging

Consumer Reports cites research published by the American Psychological Association, on the online journal Neuropsychology that finds as we get older our reaction times slow down. No surprise there. Making people aware of that fact is a good thing, but…

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electric cars

Electric Cars and the Government

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in the AASP-PA meetings in Grantville PA. It was an interesting and informative experience and gave me some insight into the concept of momentum. I came to the conclusion…

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saving money

Saving Money Tip for November

When your car needs repairs, and you want to be saving money, make sure you set aside enough time to give the repair shop all of the information it needs to successfully repair it. Perversely, many folks don’t do this.…

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Fuel Savings Tip for September

Fill up the gas tank before it hits reserve. Running the tank low creates two problems. The pump can overheat causing it to fail intermittently or outright and creating a very expensive repair, typically $500 or more. At any rate…

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Motorcycles and Safety Tips

One way to tell that spring is in the air is by the number of motorcyclists you are seeing. For the great majority of them, the warm weather and price of gas creates an urgency to dust off those old…

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winter driving

Winter Driving Tip and Safety

The roads are slick out there today in the east and there is more snow on the way making winter driving an everyday ordeal. A trick I learned from racing cars is to control the steering wheel with one hand…

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Safe Holiday Travel with AAA

Okay, so you did all the required maintenance, have a AAA membership and are ready for that long holiday trip to Grandma’s house. You are half way into a trip of hundreds of miles when……..well, as Robert Burns so aptly stated in…

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