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Timing Belt

When your timing belt wears out, your car may experience no symptoms at all—that is, until it stalls on the road and won’t start up again.  To avoid this, your timing belt should be changed on a schedule.

Timing Belt Service

Your Timing Belt Service includes:

  •  Disassembly as needed to access timing belt
  •  Replace water pump and thermostat
  •  Remove old and install new timing belt
  •  Replace all pulleys and tensioners associated with timing belt
  •  Visually inspect all hoses, actuators and  sensors exposed by disassembly
  •  Inspect and replace oil seals where needed
  •  Reassemble engine and road test

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Timing Belt Service

The timing belt is the device that coordinates the mechanical functions of the engine. It’s kind of like the director of an orchestra. Without him the timing would be way off and the audience may not even recognize what the orchestra is trying to play. The failure of
the director to show would cause a bunch of upset customers, but the failure of the timing belt causes the engine to experience severe damage, takes the car out of service for a number of days and is really expensive. Sometimes the engine can’t be saved. When the timing belt fails, the valves go crashing into the pistons, potentially causing damaged pistons, damaged valves and lifters. Often the pistons do not need to be replaced, but the valves(they let air in and out of the engine) and lifters(they open the valves) almost always are destroyed.

If you depend on your car for work, getting the kids to their sports activities or getting your elderly parents to a doctor’s appointment, be prepared to have the car out of service for a week. That means that you not only incur the expense of fixing the car, but also the
inconvenience and expense of renting another one.

With the type of material used today to make timing belts, a visual inspection is not reliable. Belts should be changed on a schedule, both time and mileage, whichever is first.

If you don’t know when your timing belt was last changed, give our service advisor a call at 717-285-3738, and he may be able to help you determine whether it should be replaced or still has some service life left.

Schedule your Timing Belt Service today, 717-285-3738.

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