Specializing in Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes and BMW Repairs and Service

Roberts Automotive, located in Mountville, PA, is a full-service auto repair shop capable of handling all of your car repair needs. While we specialize in Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, and BMW service, our mechanics can repair and service any of your cars. We care about our customers and strive to provide value by becoming trusted advisers. An independent, family-owned and family-operated auto repair and service shop, Roberts Automotive and its team of mechanics have been serving Lancaster County for over 35 years.


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Key to a Correctly Repaired Car

The key to a correctly repaired car is simple enough. Ask the right questions. Many people comment on our penchant for asking questions that other service shops don’t. In order to help someone decide whether a repair or service is necessary or appropriate, we need to know how the car is going to be used. READ MORE

Tire Pressure Confusion

Tire pressure confusion, or TPC, is an affliction caused by not knowing healthy practices, or outright neglect of good tire hygiene. TPC manifests itself in wildly overinflated tires or wildly under inflated tires. Most drivers pay no attention whatsoever to tire pressures. The philosophy is that if the rim isn’t on the ground, must be READ MORE

Find a Good Car Repair Shop

A good car repair shop is more than just about fixing cars. Untold millions of dollars have been spent needlessly by consumers because of miscommunication or incomplete communications between the customer and the shop. After 40 years, I have observed that the shop is at fault for the miscommunication 99% of the time. There are READ MORE

Gas Pains

When you go to the gas station to fill your gas tank, do you fill it to the brim and then try to get another couple of squirts of gas in there? Well, I’ve got news for you. This tactic could end up costing you a lot of money. There is a system on all READ MORE

school supplies drive

2nd Annual School Supply Drive Competition

This year’s school supply drive has been shaken up a bit by two more local businesses; Customs Classics and Kahn’s Auto Repair will be joining Roberts Automotive in a race to fill up their super-sized trash cans. Help us win this friendly competion by dropping off school supplies at 3846 Columbia Ave, Mountville, PA 17554 READ MORE

Four Way Stop Dilemna

So who goes first when 2 or more cars come to a four way stop? There are three basic rules for a four way stop intersection – first, right, and oncoming. Let’s look at the three scenarios below and add a fourth. 1. The vehicle that is first to the intersection, that is stopped first, READ MORE

Teen Drivers – Finding the Right Car

You may have seen this article, Finding Right Car for Teen Drivers, in the local newspaper. While I agree with most aspects of it, it places too much emphasis on safety systems in the car, such as electronic stability control and anti lock brakes, and not enough emphasis on driver skill. The sad fact of READ MORE

School Supplies Drive

  The YWCA and Roberts Automotive in Mountville, PA have joined together to collect school supplies for the YWCA School Age Childcare program. School supplies such as pencils and notebooks will be collected until September 5, 2014. Donations will be accepted at Roberts Automotive located at 3846 Columbia Ave, Mountville PA 17554. The YWCA School READ MORE