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Proper Way to Clean Your Steering Wheel

cleaning your steering wheel

Here is a great way to clean your steering wheel safely and effectively:

1. Cleaning Solution to clean your steering wheel
The solution you use depends on the material of the wheel. Check the owner’s manual if you’re unsure of your car’s steering wheel material.

a – Plastic or faux leather – Mix 3 parts all-purpose disinfectant and 1 part water.

b – Natural wood – use wood polish

c – Genuine leather – use leather cleaner or conditioner (Faux leather and genuine leather are difficult to differentiate, so check your owner’s manual to be sure.)

Is it OK to clean your steering wheel with Dish Soap? – Simple dish soap and warm water is both easy on leather and tough on bacteria.

How about Sanitizing wipes? The quickest and easiest way to clean it in a pinch is by using sanitizing wipes, but you should definitely not use sanitizing wipes on leather. Before using them, test an inconspicuous area first to prevent any discoloration or degradation.

2. Once you determine the best cleaning solution for your situation, spray the cleaning solution on a microfiber cloth.
Do not spray the cleaner directly onto the steering wheel since it can get trapped behind the wheel on the dashboard.

3. How to clean the wheel
Put the cloth on the wheel and beginning cleaning by turning the cloth around all the sides of the wheel. Make sure you cover the entire circumference of the wheel. Remember to clean the center of the wheel. Do not to apply too much pressure as it can damage the material’s color

4. Wipe off the wheel
Wet a clean cloth or paper towel and wring it out. Go over the areas that you cleaned and remove any remaining dirt and cleaner.

5. Dry the wheel
As soon as you wipe the steering wheel with water, use a microfiber cloth to remove it.

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