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is now the right time to buy a car

Is Now the Right Time to Buy a Car?

Things certainly have changed since COVID and many aren't sure if now is the right time to buy a car. With low inventory, microchip shortages, and soaring interest rates over the past few years, the automotive market has been tumultuous…

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Should you fill your gas tank to the top?

Gas prices are pretty high right now, but is squeezing a few more drops into the tank worth it? NO! Here are the reasons you do not want to fill your gas tank to the top: 1. It can damage expensive…

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vehicle maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

In order for any machine to work well and be reliable, it needs regular vehicle maintenance. This is why companies are such sticklers about maintaining their equipment and machinery. A machine that breaks down and stops production costs them big…

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saving money

Saving Money Tip for November

When your car needs repairs, and you want to be saving money, make sure you set aside enough time to give the repair shop all of the information it needs to successfully repair it. Perversely, many folks don’t do this.…

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Fuel Savings Tip for September

Fill up the gas tank before it hits reserve. Running the tank low creates two problems. The pump can overheat causing it to fail intermittently or outright and creating a very expensive repair, typically $500 or more. At any rate…

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