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When are icy roads most slippery

When are Icy Roads Most Slippery?

It may seem obvious that roads would become icy at the point of freezing temperatures, but there are other factors to consider. That brings us to the question, When are icy roads most slippery? That plus other factors that you…

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cruise control

Times When You Should Not Use Cruise Control.

Cruise control can be a very convenient feature to have on your automobile, but there are times when you should not use cruise control. Here are some guidelines for using cruise control effectively and safely. These tips apply, no matter…

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Hazard Lights – When and Why to Use Them

Lots of drivers are unsure of when and why to use their hazard lights. Is it legal or illegal to drive with your hazards on? Why? Hazard lights are used to alert other drivers of an approaching hazard, using them…

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7 Vehicle Safety Features to Give You Peace of Mind

Having a vehicle with top-notch safety features can go miles toward keeping you and your passengers safe, especially when driving in inclement conditions. What should you look for in a car or truck? Let’s take a look... All-Wheel or Four-Wheel Drive…

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Motorcycles and Safety Tips

One way to tell that spring is in the air is by the number of motorcyclists you are seeing. For the great majority of them, the warm weather and price of gas creates an urgency to dust off those old…

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winter driving

Winter Driving Tip and Safety

The roads are slick out there today in the east and there is more snow on the way making winter driving an everyday ordeal. A trick I learned from racing cars is to control the steering wheel with one hand…

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Safe Holiday Travel with AAA

Okay, so you did all the required maintenance, have a AAA membership and are ready for that long holiday trip to Grandma’s house. You are half way into a trip of hundreds of miles when……..well, as Robert Burns so aptly stated in…

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