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Tips For Driving at Night

1. Don’t be afraid of your high beams.
Most drivers underutilize their high beams. Because high beams usually throw light much farther down the road than low beams do, they give you more time to react to hazards.

2. Adjust outside mirrors.
AAA recommends the following to minimize both glare and blind zones: Move your head to the left-side window and adjust the left outside mirror so you can just see your car’s rear corner. Then move your head to the center of the vehicle and adjust the right-hand mirror so you can just see the right rear corner.

3. Adjust inside mirror.
Many inside mirrors automatically adjust for nighttime conditions. Others have a little lever you flick for the night setting.

4. Dim your interior lights.
Dim your dashboard lights so that critical controls remain easily visible but not distracting.

5. Keep your view clean.
Clean headlights and windshields (inside and outside) regularly. Maintain good levels of washer fluid and fresh windshield wiper blades. Remove unnecessary objects from your dash.

6. Avert your gaze.
Avoid a fixed gaze and never stare at oncoming headlights. Switch your gaze to the lower right, toward the lane marker or road shoulder when a car passes to avoid being blinded by the oncoming car.

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