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5 Common Car Air Conditioner Problems


Is your vehicle’s air conditioner just not cutting it?  Many times you have no cold air or air that is slightly cool, but not cool enough to make a difference.  Here is a list of the 5 common car air conditioner problems and possible solutions to keep you cool during your summer ride!

1. No Cold Air from A/C
This could be caused by a refrigerant leak.
Solution: Get this fixed quickly so it doesn’t continue causing problems for your car.

2. Air is Cool But Doesn’t Get Cold
Most often this issue is due to low refrigerant, but it could also be a problem with your condenser.
Solution: Your technician will need to test these major components to look for blockages, damage, or failure and replace them as necessary.

3. No Air Coming From the Vents
This could be anything from broken cooling fans, a blown fuse or bad relay, to Damaged belts and hoses.
Solution: Visit an expert technician to test the components related to the ventilation system. Repairs or replacement may be required.

4. A/C Smells Like Mildew
This probably due to the growth of bacteria in the system.
Solution: Replace your cabin air filter. If that doesn’t help, a technician will need to add an anti-bacterial solution into the evaporator area to kill mold and other contaminants from the system.

5. A/C Makes Noise When Turned On
This could be as simple as leaves or other road debris blocking the unit and producing all sorts of unusual noises. It could also indicate a major component could be in failure.
Solution: Get this fixed quickly so it doesn’t continue causing problems for your car.

We hope that knowing these 5 common car air conditioner problems and the possible solutions will help you make the best decisions to get you back in the cool again! Here is a list of our other car repair services. Try this link for ozone treatment for vehicles.

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