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Identifying a Whistling Noise in Your car

whistling noise in your car

Do you need help identifying a whistling noise in your car?  Here are some of the most common things to look for when you hear a whistling noise in your car.  Some whistling noises you’ll only hear when your car is moving.  Keep that in mind as you read the list.

1. Worn window seals
If the whistling is coming from your windows and gets worse when you accelerate, it’s probably from worn out window seals.  Look for dried and cracked seals, or seals that are warped or do not fit properly against you windows.

2. Power Steering System
When this fluid is low, or when the pump is beginning to fail, you’re likely to hear a squealing sound—most noticeable when the wheel is turned all the way to one side.

3. Hoses
Whistling coming from under the hood could mean a leak in one of the hoses crucial to your engine’s cooling system.

4. Brakes
If you hear the squealing sound every time you hit the brakes, it’s probably time for new pads. Don’t hesitate to replace your pads or you’re likely to destroy the brake rotors too.

Newer cars may come with brake wear sensors that will trigger and illuminate a light on in the dash for brakes with problems.

5. Radiator pressure cap
If you’re still hearing whistling coming from under the hood when the car is turned off, it may be from a damaged radiator pressure cap, which would require immediate attention.

6. Turbulence
Mirrors, sunroofs, windshield wipers, roof racks, loose pieces of molding, misaligned body panels, or door gaps can create body turbulence or whistling wind noises.

We hope this help you find and fix that whistling noise in your car.  If you need further assistance do not hesitate to reach us through our website contact form or call us at 717-285-3738.

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