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The Timing Belt and When To Replace Them

timing belt

A couple of months ago we recommended a timing belt to one of our customers based on the age of the belt. We usually do this routine when someone has a scheduled appointment. It hadn’t reached the end of its life in mileage terms, but after over 30 years in the automotive business, I have noticed that the age of a timing belt is critical. Our shop has seen belts that have a 90,000 mile change interval tear at 60,000 miles if over 5 years old. The age of the belt increases the risk of failure enormously. Unfortunately, our customer didn’t heed our advice and instead of spending about $600 for a maintenance service, he ended up spending $2500 for the repair. Timing belt failure is without warning and instantaneous. Damage can include repairs as described above, to replacement of the whole engine. Just like batteries belts fail at the worst of times, on a vacation, late at night, or traveling to an important event or meeting. Have your timing belt checked today before a big repair happens. Ask Robert’s Automotive how you can schedule an appointment.

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