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What is a Safe Stopping Distance in your Vehicle?

What you need to know about ensuring you have a safe stopping distance for your vehicle.
Stopping distance is the distance you travel while your brain reacts to a hazard or brake lights, tells your foot to press the brake and makes your car come to a full stop.

A safe stopping distance increases when driving on ice or snow covered roads. For ice and snow you’ll need up to 10 times the braking distance compared to what you’re used to on dry pavement! As always, be sure your tires are in good shape as well as your brakes. See our brake repair and service page for more information on brake service or our tire safety and maintenance page for information on tires.

Use this formula to understand the amount of distance you need to safely stop your vehicle:

Thinking distance + Braking Distance (10X for ice or snow)

Here are some example for stopping safely when driving 35mph:

safe stopping distances

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