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When are Icy Roads Most Slippery?

When are icy roads most slippery

It may seem obvious that roads would become icy at the point of freezing temperatures, but there are other factors to consider. That brings us to the question, When are icy roads most slippery? That plus other factors that you should be aware of to make your drive as safe as possible on potentially icy roads.

Ice forms on the road when the temperature is around 32°F and there is moisture (frost, fog, melting snow, standing water, rain, freezing rain, or sleet). But, can roads be icy at 40°F?
– The answer is YES! Even temps as high as 40°F can quickly fall to below freezing in an area of heavy snow or sleet causing ice on the road.

At what temperature are icy roads most slippery?
– Ice on roads is most slippery when temps are near freezing (26-32F) and is less slippery when temp s reach single digits and below.

How long does it take for roads to unfreeze?
– Frozen road areas shaded from the sun can stay icy well into the morning, and in some cases will not thaw out the entire day if daytime temperatures remain in the 30s. Watch out for areas shaded by hillsides and trees that freeze early or stay frozen longer.

Is Ice sticking to my car a sign that the road is getting icy?
– Unfortunately, many times the road could already be icy by the time you notice buildup on your car.

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