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Times When You Should Not Use Cruise Control.

cruise control

Cruise control can be a very convenient feature to have on your automobile, but there are times when you should not use cruise control. Here are some guidelines for using cruise control effectively and safely. These tips apply, no matter which type of cruise control your car has:

• Don’t use your cruise control in slippery conditions.
Conditions including snowy or icy roads or rain-soaked roads with deep puddles.

• Don’t use cruise when you are tired or sleepy.
You need to be as alert as possible when driving, cruise control tends to encourage “passive” driving, so turn it off when you start yawning.

• Don’t use cruise control where you are stopping and starting a lot.
Don’t use it for in-town driving, on winding roads, in heavy traffic, or when you approach a bridge or an overpass. You need to be as alert as possible in these situations.

Cruise control is still best for use on highways and in light traffic. If your car has conventional (not adaptive) cruise control, make sure to leave adequate spacing between your car and those ahead, and be prepared to disengage the system by braking or tapping “cancel” as you creep up on other vehicles or get into heavy traffic.

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