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Sounds That Mean Car Problems


Have you ever wondered what that noise was coming from your car? In most cases it shouldn’t be ignored because if left unchecked could lead to bigger more expensive problems with your vehicle. Here is a list of Sounds That Mean Car Problems:

1 – WHINING while you’re making a turn

This could mean a damaged power steering pump. Not an emergency but should be replaced in the near future.

2 – HOWLING OR WHINING when turning

This is most likely a wheel bearing noise. Get it fixed immediately.

3 – SQUEALS under the hood

Could mean a loose, worn or slipping belt. Schedule an appointment for an inspection as soon as possible. get more information on our timing belt service page.

4 – GRINDING of metal on metal from the brakes

You’ve worn right through your brake pads and now the calipers are grinding against the rotor. Get it fixed immediately.  See our brake repair service page.

5 – DRONING noise

Could be your tires especially if they are old or of poor quality.

6 – POPPING OR CLICKING while turning

Could mean (CV) joints on your front axle need replacing. Depending on how long its been happening it may need to be fixed right away!

Take some time to turn off all the noise in your car, roll down a window and listen to you car!  Be aware of sounds that mean car problems!

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